This blog is purely about the meals we cook and the preparation our family does in this Paleo lifestyle we have chosen to follow everyday.

For our family, it just works. It makes us feel good and we have become more healthy and less sick, because of it. If you are on my Blog, you probably already know all about Paleo, so I am not going to go into crazy detail about it. There are so many other websites and sources that explain it better than I can, and go into the more detailed and sciencey stuff about Paleo.

Paleo is basically eating lots of meat and vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds. Limited amounts of honey or maple syrup or coconut sugar as sweetener alternatives, and coconut products for when occasionally baking for treats – and of course plenty of healthy fats. Coconut oil is my favourite.

The main difference in what we do is that, I bake mostly with coconut flour because of slight sensitivity to almonds (and the kid’s school is nut and egg free) and cut out all dairy except for the occasional use of butter/ghee, but at this stage the kids still have some dairy. Also, we do not seem to have a problem with limited amounts of white potato. It works for us, and lets the kids have a treat that I don’t feel bad about. Although most of the time they prefer Sweet Potato anyway – Win!

I have an awesome husband and two great kids. We both work full-time, and between work, family, food and the gym, it is hard to find time to organise each week and be on top of everything else. I am using this site to post the recipes we cook and I will add in any tips or tricks I have found that makes our lives easier and more organised, either through trial and error or tips I have learnt through others.

We do Crossfit at Charge Crossfit and love our trainers and all the great people there. Charge introduced us to a Paleo lifestyle and we have never looked back.